The Best GPS

gpsA dedicated GPS unit can attract all manner of benefits; admittedly some people cannot see much rationale in obtaining a dedicated GPS.

But with the right model, such GPS units are bound to prove far more effective for one’s purposes than the average phone program. Of course, all the excitement that surrounds these devices raises one crucial question: which is the best GPS?

It is a question whose answer is typically dependent upon the purpose at hand, the best GPS units more often than not including:

-Garmin (Nuvi 2797LMT)

This GPS unit stands out even among the positively reviewed series of Nuvi gadgets primarily because of its size. With an easily utilized touchscreen interface, this Garmin GPS unit utilizes a companion app called Smartphone link to allow users the opportunity to pair the GPS device with their digital gadgets. Allowing users the chance to disseminate their GPS information among friends, the Garmin unit is very lightweight, especially when compared to similar GPS units; it also comes with a suction cup mount and avails a litany of features that justify its expensive price tag.

Because this GPS unit fails in the area of the battery, only availing about two and a half hours of battery life, it tends to turn some people away.

-TomTom Go Live GPS Navigator

The TomTom GPS unit is able to operate effectively without access to the internet. Along with its spoken word driving directions feature, fans of the TomTom brand can expect to encounter preloaded maps, an integrated mount, and a car charger. Availing a Bluetooth connection feature and voice recognition mechanisms, the TomTom unit loses points for its small screen, low resolution and unimpressive battery life.

-Bushnell Nav 500 Navigator

If you are looking for a GPS device that is just as effective on a hiking trail as it might be in an automobile, thegps Bushnell device is the navigator for you. The GPS unit can be secured in a car with relative ease to provide turn by turn directions. Along with an integrated MP3 player, the Bushnell Nav 500 GPS unit also includes an SD card slot.

Its small screen, hefty price tag and the fact that it is not waterproof might turn some people away.

This question of Which is the best GPS’ tends to attract a number of highly vague (and subjective) answers, primarily because different individuals tend to bring different needs to the table, each of which might require a specific model of GPS to satiate. As such most people are simply encouraged to seek out those navigator units that most effectively meet their requirements.