The True Meaning Of The Name Jesus

Christianity can be quite a touchy topic, especially when not brought out in the right way. It’s time we had a lengthy and detailed look at how the term came to be. Staunch believers in Jesus Christ each have a personal story to tell about what this name means to them. Books have been written and even videos recorded to help others understand the gravity of this subject. When it comes to matters of one’s faith in God, utmost respect is required. This is due to the varying opinions that surround it.


Understanding the true meaning

It all boils down to what the Holy Bible has to say concerning the name Jesus. When you read deeply, you get to understand about His birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. Ancient Bible scholars have been running up and down to try and piece together all the clues and come up with a plausible explanation. To say that they succeeded is just but an understatement. The name Jesus means Saviour because His purpose in life was to redeem mankind back to their Creator after the nasty fallout in the beginning.

His life and passion

Christians believe in the holy trinity. God the Son came down to earth and assumed a humanly form. This displayed humility considering He is the creator of the universe and everything in it. As most of us are familiar with the immaculate conception, Jesus was brought into this world through a virgin. He went about declaring the kingdom of heaven and even had disciples who helped Him out in His ministry. His purpose was to redeem mankind by laying down His life as a ransom for the lost souls. This happened through a painful and shameful death on a cross. Jesus’ death. As mentioned earlier, many books have been written to help interested readers acquire a deep understanding of the name Jesus. According to the customs and laws of the time, one man’s life had to be laid down for all the people. Since it was Jesus’ purpose on earth, He was crucified and died on the wooden structure known as the cross.

His resurrection

This is where there happens to be so much disagreement. Most people don’t believe that this happened three days after His crucifixion. Instead, they believe He died, and there was no sign of His resurrection. Just to bring clarification to this matter, ancient scholars took it upon themselves to dig deeper by looking for Jesus’ tomb. They found His tomb to be empty! Not even bones to prove that He is still dead.


Christianity on the spotlight

Since the great discovery that Jesus is alive, Christianity has been in the spotlight as compared to other religions. Most people have come to believe in the true meaning of the name Jesus. The name Jesus has gone as far as causing demons in the spiritual realm to tremble and bow their knees to Him. The name Jesus is currently being preached widely from nation to nation.