Three Types of Curls That Every Woman Needs to Know

Many people assume that there are only three types of hair, which are straight, wavy, and curly hair. However, many beauty experts have come up with a more profound classification of each category, and each of them results in more comprehension about one’s hair state. One benefit of such groupings is that it allows people to turn to the right and customized kind of hair treatment to treat several hair conditions. In short, women need to thank those categories for bringing them many options when it comes to hair care.

Among all other types of hair, curly hair is probably the type of hair that needs special attention. The attention includes the identification of the hair to know what kind of treatment suitable for the state. Although it may appear similar, some differences lead to the above classifications. The hair is typically bouncy, messy, and produce more little hair than the other kinds. To explain more about the subject, below are the three types of curls every woman needs to know.

long and curly hair


3A hair is the loosest pattern in this category that it appears to be wavy instead of curly for many. Some people testify that having hair that belongs to this category is like being in a transition mode where the two choices, curly or wavy, are available. For those who are into wavy instead of curly, applying hair creams and heavy conditioners will help mold the patterns to look wavy rather than curly. Alternatively, for those choosing curls will need to avoid the products to maintain the natural patterns.


This type of hair is quite similar to the above 3A with high luster and its natural bouncy state. However, the patterns are slightly tighter and smaller than those of 3A, and it consists of hair barrels that resemble a Crayola marker. One disadvantage of having the hair type is that it is prone to frizz and puffiness among the hair shafts. Some people may get upset about such states, but some people gladly accept their natural hair and are not afraid to show off. After all, frizz and tangled hair are what curls are all about.


Among all kinds in the category, 3C hair is the kind of hair with the tightest patterns and the unique features. Instead of growing down the hairline, the type grows upward, and it will only grow downward when the shafts are long and heavy enough to start coming towards the gravity. Thus, reviewing my natural hair extensions is advisable to find the most suitable treatments for this type.