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Effects Of Marijuana On The Human Body

The overall effects of marijuana can be classified as short-term and long-term. The short-term effects could pass away within a couple of hours. However, the long-term effects can take a disastrous toll on various organs of your body. It has even been proposed that there is a definite link between regular smoking of marijuana and pregnancy problems. If you’re going to be a medical marijuana user, then you would certainly like to know more about these two types of effects occurring in the habitual as well as the occasional user.

Short-Term Effects Of Marijuana

The marijuana user may experience an adverse effect on his perception, speech, and memory. He may also start experiencing anxiety, fear, and panic. The eyes become bloodshot; the throat goes dry, and even a heart attack may occur. Psychological addiction to the drug may be increased, and the user may shed his inhibitions leading him to perform actions out of character to his natural behavior.

Marijuana and pipe

Long-Term Effects of Marijuana

Many users report an increase in respiratory problems with increased infections in the lungs from a weakened immune system. The immune deficiency climbs and the risk of cancer in the respiratory system skyrockets due to the exposure of THC. Frequent memory loss is common. Cannabis changes the testosterone levels in men and woman differently. Women may experience an increased testosterone level increasing the risk of infertility. Men experience a drop in testosterone, and develop “man boobs”.

Both men and women find a decrease in the enjoyment of sex. However, individual cases vary, and the effects may not be the same for all users. These are just the general symptoms observed. Many long-term effects have not yet been investigated. A California report makes some disturbing claims regarding the symptoms seen in 450 users who were non-tobacco smokers.

Other ailments

These users were affected by respiratory ailments along with other ailments and used more sick leave than those who did not smoke. They were also more affected by cancer due to the presence of THC which is the essential component of weed and may cause cancer. Cigarette smoking also exposes a person to cancer, but the threat is only one-fourth of the risk of cancer as compared to smoking cannabis. A full pack of cigarettes that is 20 cigarettes contains cancer causing agents equivalent to one joint of marijuana.

Final thoughts

Marijuana plantIn the end, it’s up to the individual to choose to smoke marijuana as many recreational users claim to be free of any long-term effects caused by smoking it. However, it would be advisable to think about the above repercussions before smoking marijuana.