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All you Need to Know about Dog Treats and Barkbox

Dogs have their likes and dislike in all aspect including food, habit, and many others. A dog master should completely understand its preferences. Sometimes we become too busy to look after our dogs. Every dog has its own choice of food, where some dogs prefer to take one brand that your friend’s or neighbor’s dog does not like. Dogs are always fussy when it comes to treats. The best way to identify your dog’s favorite treat is to see and observe the reactions. One of the best ways to treat your dog is through subscribing to a monthly Barkbox plan with delivers, your dog with goodies that will make it feel loved and adored.

sleeping dogStudy your Dog

The secret is, dogs will usually lick its lips and at times wags its tail when taking its most preferred treat. Also, when they are served with a treat they don’t like, it will instantly sniff or bark at you and leave the place without taking it in. After seeing the reaction of your dog, you can easily conclude which treat it likes and dislikes. Further, you can treat your dog by serving it’s most favorite and sought-after treats. When serving treats for dogs make use of clean plastic containers and try to buy branded dog foods which they like.


Have Fun

It is significant for you to create time to have fun with the dog on a usual basis. When you get toys from Barkbox that does not satisfy it; you should be there to play with it at least for some time. You may go to the park or have a playful game with your dog. Just play with your dog for a half hour a day because it is good for the physical health of the dog. Never make your dog depressed because you seldom let it go out. Just remember that younger dogs require special minerals and vitamins in large amount. For old dogs, they require more calcium to aid protecting their joints and bones.



Wholesome grains and boneless meats are some of the most preferred delicious foods you can serve your dogs with. Serving wellness dog food will improve the overall health of your dog and as well preserves them from a variety of health problems. Never mind if your dog is already healthy, you can still serve your pooch with wellness food. You can also avail wellness food coupon to buy canned food, treats, supplements, grain-free formulas and dry food as well.


Homemade Treats

You can even try making dog treats at home. Combine one lb. of raw liver that has been blended into a paste, an egg, a cup of flour, half cup of corn meal, a dash of oregano and a two-quarter teaspoon of brewer’s yeast. Bake the mixture at 100 degrees for about 30 minutes. This recipe gives you chewy treats.


dog with their barkboxBenefits of Bark Box Treats

They provide various needs for people. Several people have dogs since they feel …